How To Make Your Black Flare Dress Rock Read This

A Look at the Unmistakable Flair of a Black Flare Dress

If showcasing an irresistible hourglass shape is your ultimate goal, then look no further than a black flare dress.

It makes the figure look slimmer, it causes the waist to appear smaller, it leaves the hips looking fuller — what’s there not to love about it?

Because it flatters every body type, it’s not surprising why a black flare dress never goes out of style.

Also sometimes referred to as a fit-and-flare dress, it’s something that can be worn without trouble by any stylish woman for any important occasion.

There are instances in which a flare dress is compared with an A-line dress simply because both of them focus on highlighting their triangular silhouette.

However, an A-line dress can also sometimes refer to a garment in which the fullness is situated in the shoulder area, thus disregarding the waist and hips.

What’s so nice about a black flare dress is that it can be easily modified to emphasize a woman’s best assets and hide from view those that she’s not particularly fond of showing off.

For instance, the neckline or type of fabric can be quickly altered in order to make a black flare dress complement a woman’s body and personality very well!

Black Flare Dress
Black Flare Dress

A Flare Dress’ Scandalous Beginnings

There is no denying that the Second World War had a considerable and devastating impact.

Nobody and nothing was spared from its wrath, including the fashion industry and the way women dressed back in the 1940s.

That’s because fabric, just like practically any commodity, was scarce.

Due to the fact that fabric was rationed right after the war, there existed very strict guidelines as to how dresses should look like.

From the hem length to the number of buttons sown on a dress, just about every design aspect had to adhere to the rules to keep a dress from being criticized as something that’s in poor taste.

Needless to say, that time surviving and doing one’s share were the focus rather than highlighting the beauty of the female form.

However, all that changed in 1947 when Christian Dior unveiled his very first collection which consisted of dresses with small waists and full skirts — it’s the birth of flare dresses as we know them!

As expected, everyone was shocked and no one wanted to wear them at first, but eventually women started embracing them.

Black Flare Dress, Elegant woman in long black dress
Black Flare Dress, Elegant woman in long black dress

Vintage and Modern Styles are Available

Whether you prefer a vintage look or one that’s more modern, it’s virtually impossible for you to go wrong wearing a flare dress, especially one that’s black in color.

Unlike other dresses whose earlier looks are now regarded as dated, a flare dress teeming with a 1940s vibe is still considered these days as something that looks trendy.

Because the original look of the flare dress was so popular, there’s no need for you to hunt for one with a classic look at garage sales and vintage festivals.

A lot of today’s designers and labels are churning out flare dresses as Christian Dior intended them to look when he crated them.

However, in order to exude that vintage look these dresses are often made of fabrics with colorful designs and eye-catching patterns.

There are also lots of modern-looking flare dresses that you can easily get your hands on as they’re in-demand.

If you are a fan of black garments, then you’re not going to have a hard time adding some lovely black flare dresses to your collection.

Having at least one flare dress in black color is a definite must for every smart and stylish woman.

Black Flare Dress
Black Flare Dress

Wearing a Flare Dress in Different Ways

One of the nicest things about a black flare dress is that you don’t need a lot to make a big impact.

Oftentimes, a chunky necklace, sparkly bangle, simple clutch bag or an oversized pair of sunglasses is all that you will need to attain a more complete look.

This does not mean, however, that having lots of fun with a flare dress in black is not possible!

For instance you can look sharp and street-smart simply by draping over your shoulder a trusty trench or boxy coat.

You can achieve the same look without the added bulk by wearing a white collared long-sleeved dress under a sleeveless black flare dress.

Wearing a cropped sweater or V-neck cardigan over it over it is also a wonderful idea — something with an eye-popping color can make the simplest black flare dress look extraordinary.

It’s for certain that you’ll be more than glad to learn that so many kinds of shoes can be paired with a flare dress, most especially one that comes in black color.

From open-toed shoes, loafers to strappy heels, you can easily make a black flare dress go perfectly well with your mood and personality.

Stylish Black Flare Dress
Stylish Black Flare Dress

Popular Among Women of All Body Types

Everyone knows that some dresses are more appropriate for women of certain body types only.

Well, a flare dress is not one of those for sure — it’s loved by many the world over for the fact that it goes so well with all kinds of body types.

Whether you need to add more curves or get rid of some, there’s a flare dress available for you!

Regardless if you are about to go on a romantic date, attend a garden wedding or run a challenging errand, it’s hard to go wrong with a flare dress.

Something that’s black in color most especially can make you look amazing no matter the occasion or time of day.

With the right fashion accessories (or sometimes even without any!) you are sure to make heads turn toward your direction.

It’s no wonder why these days it’s virtually impossible for you to run out black flare dresses to choose from.

From Dolce & Gabbana, Victoria Beckham, Valentino, BCX, City Studio to Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit, many are offering these dresses.

Don’t forget that Christian Dior, the one who started it all, is offering them as well!

A Stylish Black Flare Dress Waits for No One

Have no black flare dress in your closet?

The perfect time for you to get your hands on one is now!

Check out our latest black flare dress offerings — you’re guaranteed to come across at least one that goes so well with your distinctive style and unique personality!

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